Wednesday, February 17, 2010

L i g h t i n g...Help!

So when it comes to making decisions on paint color, furniture or accessories I can make them quick. Yet for some reason with lighting, I am second guessing everything! What if I choose the wrong doesn't give off enough light, it sucks....! Ahh. Where am I going with this you ask? Well, I am trying to hunt down a *perfect {no such thing exists...Duh}  stylish new fixture for above my dining table

The yard sale we had a couple weeks ago is funding the project if I can only make a decision and  S O O N. {well I'm certainly not going to rush it}  I at least have narrowed down that the fixture must be WHITE. Here are some of my thoughts: {the glam, is just in there for looks...I couldn't possibly put up 3 chandeliers...or could I?}

*Seriously, what do you think? I want need feedback people :)


  1. i love ALL of these lighting choices! they are just fantastic! much better than the hideous lighting fixtures i have in my apartment (i rent)!

  2. This PS Maskros light pendant from IKEA is a huge ball star burst of tiny paper flowers, all for $89!

  3. Depending on the look of the room, I'd say do something classic & simple...that way you can change the room and keep same lighting piece.

  4. I agree with Jaime, it all depends on the room but I really like the 1st choice, let us know what you decide :)

  5. wow. LOVING that last dining room. gorgeous!

    there is an award for you at my blog...

  6. I have been having the same "problem". I want a new dining room lighting fixture !! My friend has the first one but I think it's too modern for me. I'm thinking about the pendant one. But the last one is gorgeous ! I probably wasn't much help.... ;)
    Saw you at Ashlina'... I'm going to have a look around.

  7. Artichoke or round are my picks! And definitely white - good choice :) I can't believe you can make quick decisions on paint, furniture and accessories. I will agonize for days/months! ;) xo

  8. industrial minimalism chic - check!

    move that into my kitchen, please, thank you! :)


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