Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i hosted an "October Thanksgiving" at my house a few weeks ago for my family. It was alot of fun and the first time I cooked a turkey.  {it turned out perfect} I put this all together quickly as it was a last minute dinner party! That's just how I roll.
As you can see my dining room "art wall" is no longer. I got tired of it and took it down, and am now deciding what's next. {I tend to do this ALOT} I do still LOVE the color, its Behr Intellectual.
Nothing too fancy, but it sure looked pretty. I like the organic simple feel of it. The placemats are from ikea and super affordable. They also made great hot plates for all the side dishes.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Love your blog, and I'm following now. :)

  2. Very beautiful! Love the idea of changing the decor, i also tend to move things around a lot...

  3. Beautiful table and what fun to have a Thanksgiving in October!

  4. i will be hosting on thanksgiving and am planning on using the same wine glasses! given to me by a very special friend...great job at making everything always look so beautiful jenna!!!


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