Tuesday, October 5, 2010


that's right....it's a GIVEAWAY.

Prize: I heart home art print from my etsy shop

 How: all you have to do is follow Mi Vida Bonita & leave a comment below with where you would hang the I heart home print if you won it. The winner will be selected randomly next Tuesday October 12th.  {only 1 entry/person}


  1. I live your blog!!
    Chris / Brazil

  2. Id hang this in near my jewelry :)

  3. Jenna dear, I have been following you since day 1! And I already have one of your fab prints in my office. This one I would hang in my kitchen (the heart of the home!).

    I am already a follower, fan, stalker!

    ox, Mon

  4. I think it's in the perfect place...I would hang it in my soon-to-be home office (we're renovating). I'm all about 'home' and it's exactly what inspires me to write on my own blog. Happy to have found yours!

  5. What a lovely print! I would hang it in my dining room that I've just redone. It would be perfect.

  6. I look at your blog almost everyday! I've always love your designs! beautiful! I would definatly hang it in the entry room so that everytime I go in the house or when I have visitors; It would remind me how special it is to be home. It is the last place I want to be in if it were my last day. I heart home! I would love this giveaway!

  7. I follow and would hang this lovely print in my living room! omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. I would definitely hang it in my office!


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