Monday, August 23, 2010


This week Jenna's picks are all about color! I've been focusing on neutrals with pops of bold color for my living room. One great way to make neutrals work is by adding texture & various shades of neutral together. A stripe will go along way & really makes a statement. 
The carved table adds a nice pop of color & texture in a neutral bathroom.
Mustard + gray + white = a lovely space. You can do no wrong with this amazing bed.
I always love a neutral sofa to allow for pops of color added with pillows, rugs and accessories. This space has a lush casual elegance about it, contributed by the velvet + silk pillows. In my own home I have noticed a velvet pillow really steps it up a notch. Just give it a try, you will be surprised. The fabric of your pillows will really set the tone for your space.


  1. love LOVE this post! These colorful rooms, esp the last one are making me totally happy!

  2. Loving these pics...esp the table in the bathroom- how unique!

  3. Oh I love that carved table! It's just amazing! xoxo

  4. Love these picks and esp. that you've paired them perfectly with colour palettes. My favourite would definitely have to be the yellow + grey.

  5. That last one is my absolute fave!
    Beautiful colors!


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