Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My picks this week are totally bias. {not that they usually aren't ;)}
Is or just me or does that chandelier scream FUN?! I think it would look GREAT in my newly designed office. {more on that later this week!} The mirror via the beloved Anthro would also look great in my office above the dressers. I have always loved these glasses and would just LOVE a set.

Last but not least...... iphone 4 in white. Are you kidding me! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS PHONE. :) Well not have to, but you catch my drift....the many things you can do with this phone is awesome. I'm currently sporting a blackberry via Verizon....it just can't do what this can. The white iphones aren't available via pre-sale online today...{today was the first day to buy before they are in stores June 24th} Yes, I have done my research. So I hope the white is available soon, cause I just gottttttta have it.

p.s. This was my 300th POST! :) WOW.


  1. I am dying for an iPhone! I wish it would just come to Verizon.

    Loving that chandelier! :)

  2. I am also a big fan of that chandelier! =)

  3. Cant wait for the new iphone, looks pretty, right??
    Love the glasses!!!

  4. Congrats of the 300th post! How can we get Verizon to partner with apple? It's killing me!!! I need verizon for my apt...at & t doesn't work!


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