Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, I had food poisoning...... yuck and yuck, slowly starting to feel better. I still haven't been able to stomache solid food though. My diet today was a smoothie.

Anyhow, I can always count on Skona Hem to draw me in with their wonderful interiors that are so livable and quaint.  
Love this console table with the mixture of candlesticks.


  1. call me crazy, but i have always thought, that it could be kinda healthy (paradox, i know) to get food poisoning, because you can really clean out your organism afterwards and can't eat anything. you know, a little detox.

    but that's just theory, because i've
    never had food poisoning.

    get well soon! (and don't get sick again!)

  2. Love this home, a great mix of old and new. Hope you feeling better soon, your wishlist is up today!x


  3. hope you are better Jenna! yikes, food poisoning...!
    Love this house, so pure

  4. Lovely pieces against a white backdrop >>>love it. Hope you feel better.

  5. gorgeous rooms but what's up with the all white walls. i dunno...i need color or i get bored real quick. still i wouldn't mind living in that home.


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