Thursday, April 22, 2010


Can you say WOW?! 
The new Mandarin Oriental Hotel is beautifully designed and in the heart of Barcelona. Have a look.....
{ I don't think I would ever want to leave this rooftop}


  1. Jenna dear,

    No wonder you did not want to comment on my little post about a hotel in Seattle. Looks like a dog house compared to this! Mama Mia!

    The roof top and the pool! How amazing!

    Maybe I need to stop in Barcelona before I go to Stockholm...

    Big hug to you my friend.

    ox, Mon

  2. This looks incredible - Barcelona has been near the top of my travel list for some time - images like these illustrate exactly why!

  3. Just amazing... A Mandarin opened in Boston last year, and I have yet to go in. I have heard such nice things...esp about the spa! haha.

    My job is going so well! It's been a long week though- so glad it's Friday!! Hope you are enjoyiong yours too xx :)

  4. Hi Sweetie! Oh my gosh, that hotel is stunning!! Like REALLY stunning! I say we make a trip to Barcelona and check it out! :-)

  5. omg I posted a pic of the lobby on my blog today! We are thinking alike and no wonder - this hotel is such a beauty!!!! Lets go!


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