Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HELP {Need Planner/Agenda Book}

Ok ladies, I know someone out there has some good resources for me on this one! I need want to get a planner/agenda for my new job. I know I will be taking many notes the first week or so. Here's what I'm looking for:

+Medium size (8.5" x 11" or smaller)
+note pad (or I can add this myself)
+stylish (duh!)

Please HELP, my online searching just isn't picking up what I am looking for.
Thanks Luvs!


  1. Jenna, I have been wanting these one forever, BUT alas they dont seem to ship to Europe :( which makes me really sad, especially now they are on sale.

    Check it out you might like it, love the colors!

  2. I got a planner from Walmart that's super cute and it has a calender for every month and has a notepad section and it's really cute stripes! It was only like 4 bucks in the planner section of Walmart!

  3. FILOFAX!!!!!!
    filofaxs' are the best stationary out there!
    love jersey xo

  4. Graphic Design, they have them on sale and they are great!

  5. I mean graphic image, type by me :)

  6. I mean graphic image, type by me :)

  7. Target is where i get all my planners. You get the binder part of it and then each year you get all the fillers. But each person is different, you just need to go see what they have and try it out. I LOVE planners, they keep me so organized!! Let us know what you get.

  8. Thanks ladies! I knew I could count on you! I think I am going to check out Target first, well cause I LOVE TARGET & I need instant gratification! I'll be sure to follow up with pic's of what I decide!

  9. hi honey!! i have heard GREAT things about the momAgenda! it's not tooo cheap, but i've heard it's amazing. i personally just ordered the lilly pulitzer 2010 personal agenda :D

  10. Target does have some good planners. I love my kate spade, but the notebook aspect isn't there.


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