Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy SUNSHINE Weekend

It is going to be sunny and beautiful all weekend long. I am planning meals outside on my patio to soak it up. I have many errands to run, and I want to finish reading Dear John. I read half the book in one sitting the other night, so I am close!
*Chelsea Handler was hilarious as always last night! She did seem to have had a few drinks before hand, lol. Josh Wolf opened for her and really got everyone laughing.
H a p p y W e e k e n d !
*image via skona hem


  1. Oh i am glad to hear you had fun at Chelsea! Dear John is a good book- the movie was pretty good too! :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Im thinking of just running away to see Dear John this weekend.

  3. Hope you're enjoying the weekend and soaking up the sun! Glad to hear the Chelsea Handler show was fun. Still super jealous! :) xo

  4. i keep hearing about chelsea being tipsy on stage. i hope you weren't surprised. that's how my girl rolls. haha.

    happy sunday!

  5. Bananas: not at all surprised, I mean she does endorse Belvedere! :)

  6. Holy Pinata wants to congratulate you on your new jobby job. Way to go, Jenna! Now the nice weekends will be that much more enjoyable.


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