Monday, January 25, 2010

Jimmie Karlson {Home Tour}

This is Jimmie Karlson's London Home via Living Etc. He is 1/2 the design genius behind Jimmie Martin, who is this Jimmie Martin you ask? Well check out Jimmie's home first...

So many elements that I L O V E.

Well that was my question, so I googled them. They are well known in the UK for their graffiti-inspired wallpaper, furniture and overall creative design. They add a twist with their paints to classic antique furniture. Here is one of their chairs that I really like.

Did I mention they were cute?



  1. Love it when street and regent meet in the middle in a humble and cozy abode.

  2. i really liked it when i saw it in the magazine, i love the chalkboard wall!!!

  3. Super, stinkin' awesome home! LOVE it :) Great find. Thanks for sharing. I may have to repost this in my own blog.


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