Thursday, December 31, 2009

HELLO 2010

Say Good Bye to 2 0 0 9 .

 I wanted to say THANK YOU to all my new readers that have joined me this year. I appreciate you and your thoughts! I love that I can write and share about what I love to do, it really makes me happy. Also my fellow bloggers who are my dailys! I have found myself telling my friends, oh my blogger friend this and that....You GIRLS are GREAT! You know who YOU are.

I am excited to start the NEW YEAR, I have several goals, ideas, trips...etc. to accomplish this year. I WILL DO IT. Lucky for YOU, if you keep with me, you will hear ALL about it. ;) Muuuhahahah. It is sad that it takes the sudden passing of a friend to make you look at your life and realize the little things you take for granted. I have a positive new outlook on things, and I hope to be able to maintain it.

stinkin cute pup!



  1. Happy New Year!!
    Your post is up on
    Bright, Bold, and Beautiful ~~


  2. Happy New Year! I hope it's a wonderful one!

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. Here's to a year of fabulosity and positive thoughts!

  4. Happy New Year. Wishing you amazing 2010!

  5. Happy new year! PS: Your giveaway is posting tomorrow!! yayyy and thanks again!

  6. Happy New Year to you too, looking forward to see what you have in store for us this year!x
    ps how cute is that puppy?!


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