Thursday, December 10, 2009

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang!!

March 9, 2010

Chelsea Handler's new book comes out! {*mark your calendar} I've read both her books now, and LOVE them to pieces. I highly recommend them if you need a good laugh!  I found this tid bit out via her Facebook Fan Page, ahem.... YES I am a FAN.


  1. Oh my gosh I'm so excited! The date is marked on my calendar. Oh and don't worry, I will totally be adding myself to the Facebook Fan Page :)

  2. the cover reminds me of Sex and the City :P

    ok start reading them :D

  3. She kills me. :) Thanks for your comment today. Moving sucks so it's so nice to have the support!

  4. She cracks me up- I should def start reading her books!

    PS: your My Stocking wi;l post tomorrow, Monday at 10 am! :)

  5. Ohhhhhhhh yeah! She is so flippin' hysterical!


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