Wednesday, November 18, 2009

West Hollywood Christian Louboutin: Designed by 212box

Christian Louboutin opened up a new boutique recently on the famous Robertson Boulevard in LA. The boutique was designed by 212box, a design firm based out of NY. The 1930's building is two-stories and over 1,800 square feet. I just wish the article showed the facade of the building. I would like to see more of the large cockatoo shown in the first image. I think the design is so so. I give it an A because they have an area located between cash wraps for serving champagne. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a mamosa! They also have a special VIP Room with one way mirrors, sounds mysterious!


  1. You're killing me. If only...It looks amazing!

  2. Oooh gorgeous- would love to sit on that couch surrounded by Loubs :)

    PS: Got your email w/ stocking stuff- Thanks!!

  3. well..well .... well....seems like i need to make a little trip to Whood! thanks for the tip!! and chuck bass..hands down hotness.

  4. Really beautiful. Huh.
    Thanks for sharing :) and wonderful weekend.


  5. Hi there,Im new here here a British, Style blogger delighted to have found your blog!I love it here, will be back!! Sharon xx


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