Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Just Want To D E S I G N.

While my day job, in the Mortgage Broker field is paying the bills...All I want to do is DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN. That is what I do, what I LOVE and really what I do BEST.  I am hoping for a better job market in 2010.  You with me?

I have been looking over old projects completed for school, I am so missing COLLEGE. At least developing new spaces, color boards, space plans and perspective images...I miss it. {I could do without Specs, all though I'd take just doing that for now..LOL}. Even the all nighters, with my then roomate & classmate {Brooke if you're reading, you know you MISS IT too}. We would be at Kinko's at 1 or 2 am printing our projects. Hoping the guy who gives us a discount was working, and when I say discount I mean about 60% off. That guy ROCKED. It is so expensive to print, and bind 11x17 format!

[Bla Bla Bla, I am sure is all you hear. The moral of my story is this....check out some of my work. I need to be putting my pretty little brain to better use than processing mortgage loans. Kaapeesh?!]

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  1. Hi Jenna! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm loving yours! You do beautiful design work. I totally understand how your feel about the day job stifling your creativity. You'll get to design full-time soon - just keep the faith and keep designing in your spare time!! xoxo

  2. Shannon, thank you for the kind words!! I am doing just that! :)

  3. you'll get your chance to do it dear keep the faith!

  4. I hope something amazing comes your way soon :)

  5. Jenna, as far as I am concerned you have already started, dear! Your blog will lead you to amazing places and opportunities! I know it!

    Happy weekend! OX Monika


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