Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goodbye Long Weekend…

What a great weekend!
I hope everyone enjoyed their time off, I know I sure did. We did some shopping, relaxing, home projects, watched a few good flicks. Great weekend! Now I am trying to mentally prepare myself for the busy work week that lies ahead.

One film my boyfriend and I watched was Food Inc. I was outraged and saddened {actually in tears} by what I was viewing. Let's just say it impacted me in a positive
. So I am passing that on, to those who are interested.

{*Please support your local farmers for a healthier YOU and PLANET.}

Have you seen this film?


  1. I haven't seen that movie but saw the other food nation. I know they are totally diff but the same eye opening idea of knowing what we eat!

  2. I saw the film too. Very sad! Change needs to happen!

  3. DO- You are so right on. Change is in order.I just planted a veggie & herb garden :)

  4. i actually just watched this recently. i love learning about food ethics and almost done with omnivore's dilemma (which is what this movie is based off of). good for you for passing it on!


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