Monday, October 26, 2009

Shark Attack! {Mi Vida Bonita Halloween}

Did I scare you???
 If the answer is no, then just wait til you see me in my halloween costume! RAWR or whatever it is that a shark makes. This year I'm going for the laughs, and this costume is funny.

My boyfriend is wearing a wetsuit, carrying his skin board and will have a huge shark wound somewhere on his body. We call it Shark Attack! :)  *I have a costume party to attend Friday night, and I will be posting a picture of us in our Shark Attack ensemble!

What are you dressing as for Halloween? I LOVE Halloween and would love to hear what everyone is!


  1. great costume! it's going to be a hit!

  2. Thanks Jeannie, I am super excited....I bought fake blood tonight to top it off! Although I just read the bottle and said not suitable for skin contact...we will have to see cause that is what I was going to use it on!

  3. hahha.. that's so much fun. enjoy halloween.

    my husband and i are going as Syvester and Tweety. LOL


    btw - great blog. I'll be visiting more often.

  4. Ha that's funny!

    I am being a football player Fri night for a party and a Robert Palmer "Addicted to Love" back up dancer Sat night- as part of a bachelorette party!

    Love Halloween!

  5. haha, can't wait to see pics. My boyfriend is going to be a Spartan warrior and I'm an Egyptian Goddess ! I'm loving your blog. Thanks for stopping by !


♥ T h a n k s for stopping by Mi Vida Bonita. xoxo

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