Friday, October 9, 2009

New Belguim Tour De Fat

I am proud to say, tomorrow I will be at Tour De Fat in Tempe, AZ. You come in on your bike & ride out on your bike {P.S. I cannot beleive I haven't posted a picture of my bicycle beauty!!!}

The donations for the event are given to a local charity, which is the best part! One lucky winner is taking the challenge and donating their car for a brand new bicycle courtesy of New Belguim. They encourage you to dress in an alter ego and HAVE FUN! Tomorrow should be a beautiful sunny day in the 80s. Plus most of my besties will be there too w/ there guys + bikes!

**Austin, Texas bloggers/readers the Tour is coming to you next on 10/17/09!

Happy Weekend!

***update: This is my beauty! +mesh wire basket & pink bell {Nirve Zuma}


  1. Look at the lovely curve of those handlebars!

  2. fun! i've always wanted to do this:)

  3. It was alot of fun, let's just say I am still trying to recover!


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