Friday, October 23, 2009

Mi Vida Bonita Week In Pictures

Happy Friday Morning! Yay.
So I wanted to do a before and after shot of my kitchen cabinets that we painted. Well I was so excited to get this project underway, I didn't get a before shot. :( I know I know, that is just plain silly. Just picture late 80s brown, with alot of wood grain cabinets. They were pretty ugly.

Here you are well-ah! Bright white kitchen now. I LOVE it.

This is my Avacado tree I started growing. It is about 2.5 months in, and doing really good.
If you want to grow your own just take the avacado seed, plant it butt down (the notch down)  and put dirt around it. Leave the top part of the seed out of the dirt and water everyday so it stays moist. Keep in a sunny window, it requires alot of sunlight. The seed will begin to crack and then it starts to grow a stem and there you have it. Eventually when it gets biger you can transplant into a larger pot. I think it may take 2 years before I get avacados, but I am determined.

My art wall progress, so far so good. The new addition (canvas w/ green) was painted by my 3 year old nephew. We painted last night together, he is taking after his auntie and is quite the lil artist! This is his portrait of a Hippo, do you see it? Lol. Come on use your imagination. :)

Images courtesy of my Blackberry


  1. Your kitchen looks so pure and clean! Also, avocados grow on trees? haha, guess you do learn something new every day :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Very pretty- you must be so happy its all white now!

  3. Oh Yes I failed to mention in my kitchen the back wall is a wall of MIRROR. Kinda cool, kinda late 80s but for now it'll do!

    Jaime: Too funny! Yes on trees! :)


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