Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dixie Chicks HOME TOUR

This beautifully designed loft home belongs to Emily Robinson of the Dixie Chicks, found over at Metropolitan Home. The loft is located near downtown San Antonio, and the best part is the building used to be a candy factory. Now that is a good story to tell. I have always DREAMED of L O F T  living. However, I require a yard. I have a green thumb and need nature for my pups!

So much natural light, I love it.

Gorgeous graphic area rug

Beautiful bathroom, I hope the chandelier is not directly over the tub though. {it would not pass code, if so}


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  2. How lovely and sleek - I particularly like those dining table lights. And the guitar room. I'll think of this whenever I listen to their music now!

  3. I love the displayed guitars- like art!

  4. Oh I am in the same frame of mind as you...the idea of loft living is lovely...however I love my garden and sitting out with my pooch in summer.

    However I will always lust after the amount of light and also the high ceilings.

    My favourite room has to be the that central piler with the huge shower oh and the chandelier ooeee. So nice.

    The chandelier like you say does look like it is right over the bath!

    Fee x

  5. I just love that graphic rug!

  6. Her home has such a unique style and some great statement pieces.


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