Friday, October 16, 2009

The Bisbee 1000 Great Stair Climb

Tomorrow I am doing the Bisbee 1000 Great Stair Climb! It is a 5k (+over 1000 steps) they say it feels like a 10k, but we will see. This is the map of the race. I am doing it with my guy and his parents. Wish me LUCK, this is my first race! :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Quite a challenge! Good luck!

  2. Good luck on your race! It looks like quite a "doozy"!

    The strainer/ice bucket: this one caught my attention too! I could have totally been using this for years now!

    Have a great weekend! - Jami

  3. Good luck to you Jenna!

    Jim Pratt
    Bisbee 1000 Webmaster

  4. congratulations on your first race! hope you had fun and that you heal up nicely, though walking like a tin man may look pretty cool ;)


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