Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Moroccan and so cozy

What is it about moroccan inspired interiors that evokes comfort? Is it the floor cushions or the bold color combinations...I think its the floor cushions for me. Sitting on the floor is a daily routine for me. Those poufs are great. I have my eye on the natural fiber ones from Ikea, you know exactly which ones I am talking about...I WILL have them :)
Images courtesy of Living Etc.


  1. that lamp, those colors! beautiful pieces.

  2. love the purple lamp!!
    thanks for visiting ~~

    xo Laura

  3. I LOVE those moroccan poufs !!!
    If I had my way I would spread them all over the house, lovely.

  4. Beautiful. I'm starting to be inspired by Morrocan pieces. I can't see it working in my home I dont think but the detail is exquisite.

  5. i pined for a pouf for years until i finally found the perfect one--and now it's my favourite thing in my house! and you're right--there's something about them that's so cozy and comfortable in any space.


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