Wednesday, January 14, 2009


London is amazingly beautiful.
I have visited only once before, and would love to go back. [Or I should say I will go back!] I came across this picture while browsing flickr. I have pictures of me standing on this bridge (Westminister Bridge). It was amazing though, the culture, the city all the luscious green Parks that go on for what looks like miles through the city...Everywhere you look something beautiful and so full of history.
I have the T R A V E L itch. Must get my F I X soon.
I am Going to VEGAS this Friday for a Bachlorette Party Weekend!! Woo Hoo.

image from flickr by Katarina


  1. I have the travel itch too! Thank god I am going to Ireland soon. Sooo excited about that. Lovely photo of England. Maybe I could stop by when I am in Ireland. Hmmm... Have fun in Vegas!

  2. Oh boy! I always have the travel itch. How can you not.

  3. I am planning a trip to London for the Spring! Air fares are supposed to be "reasonable" from now until May, I heard on the news this morning.


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