Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hayden-Harnett for Target

In the latest issue of Elle Fashion Magazine is where I first read about Hayden-Harnett doing a handbag line for Target. JOY!! There is nothing better than a designer handbag with a Target price tag! I know that the line isn't as fabulous as they generally design their bags, but for my College Student budget- its just right! Having that said, I walked into Target on Sunday & right in front there it was the black bag. It was the last one on the shelf, so I REALLY had to have it! LoL. Most the bags were sold out already--because well Duh they are so stylish and so affordable. My bag looks much nicer in person than the web shows it at Target.com. The hardware is really nice and looks expensive!

Tonight I checked out Hayden-Harnetts website...oh lalaa I posted a few things below that I just LOVE. The price tags aren't as easy on the budget as the Target line, but you have to splurge sometimes. The dress below--I WANT it. It is on sale for $99 from [gasp] $398.

1. Hobo Bag (I bought this one!)Target 2. Umbrella Target 3. Canvas Hobo Target 4. Double Flap Clutch (need it) Target 5. Chain Bag Target 6. Leather Trim Party Dress Digikat Hayden-Harnett 7. Celina Signature Cuff Hayden-Harnett 8. Trophy Bag Hayden-Harnett 9. Eco Tote Hayden-Harnett 10. Coin Purses Hayden-Harnett

P.S.- Yay for me finally figuring out how to include links

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  1. Cool collages! And you've got some lovely interior stuff on your blog!


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