Wednesday, December 10, 2008

School Project

For class we were to design a dental office, given a current floor plan we were to completely change the plan to our own design. (With specific stipulations of course!) These are my color boards for the lobby and lighting of the Dental office. I really wanted the overall space to have a soothing, relaxing atmosphere....almost like a spa.
These are sketchup perspectives of the lobby. This was my first time playing with sketchup. It's a great program to show the concept of the space. This space took me probably 9 hours to do. The more you use the program the faster it is, just takes some getting use to. Images are copyright- Mi Vida Bonita--if you borrow please site. Thank you! =)
p.s. - I got an A on this project...YaY


  1. Hello! You're good! I was in the ID program but switched out..I hate drafting and what a pain in the neck it was. How's it for you? I figured I'd get into the Graphic Design program would really help grow my business....

    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  2. Aww thanks! Well hand drafting for me is no good. However, I completly love CAD (computer aided drafting) much much better for me. Did you ever try this?

    Ya I could see how that would help, you have some GREAT designs and GREAT style! Us creative types tend to branch out...which is great!


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