Friday, October 17, 2008

My latest obsession...

I LOVE this Little Birch Tree Jewelry stand, from Urban Outfitters ($32)! I don't have it yet, but I want it or something similar.... I love the idea of dangling my necklaces from it.

When I was in Portland last month, the store at the art muse sum had something similar--but far more gorgeous than this. It was a much larger tree with an antiqued bronze/gold finish, it was stunning & heavy! Of course it came with a higher price tag too- $170. I didn't buy this one either....and now I'm regretting it!

Has anyone seen anything similar out and about while shopping? Please SHARE! :)

****UPDATE 12/31/08-- I got 2 of these for Christmas!! From my mom & my bf....they know me best! Absolutely LOVE it.


  1. i wonder how difficult it would be to make something like this?

    you could look for a decorative tree piece at a craft store, and attach a stand. then you'd be free to spray paint it any metallic color you'd like.

    i'm not sure if that would save any money though, but it'd be worth the try! :]

    <33 mermaid

  2. I have considered it. I haven't done any research at my local craft stores though...but Im loving the idea more :) thanks!

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