Thursday, October 2, 2008


I Love Music & there is nothing like discovering a new GREAT artist. I recently met Sydney on a family trip to Cortez, CO. She has an amazing voice and a natural talent. I love her music and at only 16 this girl is going places. From one woman to another, check her out. You will be happy you did.


A little about her......Born in Austin Texas, the live music capital of the world, Sydney spent her formative years not thinking of being a singer/songwriter but still yet living amongst some of the greatest musicians ever to inhabit the blue planet. It would take only a few years and a move to Scottsdale Arizona to understand the true impact of such a strong musical environment. If it’s true things are bigger in Texas, Sydney may well add an exclamation point on the end ! With stellar reviews from Grammy winning writers Gordon Kennedy and Wayne Kirkpatrick, Sydney’s song writing, music and style are as big as Texas itself. But this is no country girl, Sydney has the heart and soul of indie music. Delivering lyrics with smooth, silky, pitch perfect precision, Sydney clearly has her stuff together, lyrics, melodies and persona. Sydney owns her style and her sound and she willingly shares it with her audience in abundance. Even before the first note is delivered onstage, until the last poignant lyric is delivered, you know this girl “gets it”. In a genre specific world, Sydney’s repertoire of songs differ in styles, tempo and direction one might find difficulty in branding so one dimensionally. With all there is to love about indie, alt rock, pop, and Americana, Sydney’s songwriting and sound is truly her own. Sydney has her musical domain firmly surrounded. Frequent comparisons run broad, from Nora Jones to Feist, proving that Sydney has her own unique and distinctful mastery of warm, soulful indie rock. Her lyrics are profoundly metaphoric with ultra catchy hooks truly the size of her homeland Texas. Song after song, Sydney’s lyrics are much like looking in a mirror back at yourself, and then you too, “get it”. With Sydney’s debut EP released on her birthday, February 11th 2008, Sydney’s music has come into its own. Her music is timeless, her lyrics are years beyond her lifespan, profoundly metaphoric, dramatic and soul searching, with melodies that burrow their way into your head to be held captive until they have transformed you to her liking.

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