Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Weekend!

My day started off with me arriving at work and a pretty lil orange butterfly flying all around me as I walked from the parking lot to my office. (I was keeping in mind, I have heard that butterflys are good luck, and ecspecially good if they land on you) No, I'm not supersticious at all. (I'm being sarcastic) When I stepped out to pick up lunch, I kid you not, the same--or one just like--the butterfly from this morning was flying all around me as I left my office to my car! Well I have yet to leave my office, but if my orange little friend flys with me to my car, I'll be sure to report back!

**Anyone know anything about the butterfly signaling "good luck"? I'd like to know more.
Yaa for Friday! H A P P Y W E E K E N D !!

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